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Mary Antonesa
Helen Fallon



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The developement of information skills to support a changing postgraduate research enviroment: an Irish experience (2007)

Abstract This article begins by outlining significantchanges which are taking place in the Irish universityresearch environment. It goes on to brieflydescribe a project to identify postgraduate genericskills, necessary in this new research environment,which the Deputy Librarian of the NationalUniversity of Ireland (NUI) Maynooth led. Followingon from this, a generic skills module forpostgraduates in science and engineering wasdesigned and delivered by the science librarianand the faculty member assigned to developing aprogramme of generic skills for postgraduates inthe sciences; this module is introduced. The articleconcludes with a reflection on the issues/challengesin providing generic information-literacymodules to postgraduates, in a time of a radicallychanging research environment in Irish universities.
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