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Helen Fallon
Marie G. Cullen
Bernadette Mellon



part time staff training ireland disability awareness national library staff library science disability training

Implementing an online training course in disability awareness for frontline staff - Experiences at National University of Ireland Maynooth (2013)

Abstract This article describes the National University of Ireland Maynooth (NUI Maynooth) library experience of implementing an eLearning disability equality training course for part-time frontline library desk staff. While disability awareness is an integral part of library service in all its aspects, the eLearning method of delivery of disability awareness training is new in Irish university libraries. In a time of increasing constraints (both budgetary and time), eLearning offers a potentially costeffective and innovative way to develop a range of professional skills including disability awareness. Brief context and background information about the library is provided, followed by a description of the online course and its application in the training of frontline library staff. Results of a survey of participants’ experiences of undertaking the course are presented. While the group of participants was small at eight, the process and experience has broader applicability in the context of both online training and disability awareness training.
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Helen Fallon, Marie G. Cullen, Bernadette Mellon

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