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Kelly Wilson
Carmen Luciano
Claire Keogh
Yvonne Barnes-Holmes
Dermot Barnes-Holmes
Hilary-Anne Healy



experimental exercise test psychology psychological cognitive ratings visual presentation

An experimental test of a cognitive defusion exercise. (2008)

Abstract This study investigated the impact of defusion on a nonclinical sample ( n = 60) in the context of negative (e.g., “I am a bad person”) and positive (e.g., “I am whole”) self-statements. Participants were assigned to one of three experimental conditions (Pro-Defusion, Anti-Defusion, and Neutral) that manipulated instruc - tions about the impact of a defusion strategy. Defusion was also manipulated through the visual presentation of the self-statements, with each presented in three formats (Normal, Defused, Abnormal). Participants rated each self-state - ment for comfort, believability, and willingness. Although the instructions did not affect ratings, negative statements presented in the defused format de - creased discomfort and increased willingness and believability relative to the nondefused statements. The findings suggest using defusion strategies in coping with negative psychological content
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Kelly Wilson, Carmen Luciano, Claire Keogh, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Hilary-Anne Healy

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