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Kelly G. Wilson
Miguel Rodríguez-Valverde
Yvonne Barnes-Holmes
Francisco Cabello
Sonsoles Valdivia-Salas
Dermot Barnes-Holmes
Olga Gutiérrez-Martínez
Francisco Molina
Carmen Luciano



discomfort noise condition protocols acceptance psychology experimental treatment

The Impact of Acceptance-Based Versus Avoidance-Based Protocols on Discomfort (2010)

Abstract This study aimed to isolate the conditions under which aversive stimulation is experienced as more or less discomforting/unpleasant. Discomfort was induced by playing loud noises through headphones while participants performed computer tasks. We employed 4 main conditions. Condition 1: the acceptance-based protocol (ACT), intended to integrate discom- fort in a valued direction, was implemented before the Inclusion Task (task performance could continue despite the presence of the noise). Subse- quently, the experiential avoidance-based protocol (EA), intended to pro- mote a relation of opposition between discomfort and valued actions, was implemented before the Opposition Task (task performance was suspended until the participants eliminated the sounds). Condition 2: this order was reversed. Conditions 3 and 4: the tasks were presented without any proto- col. The ACT protocol produced the lowest level of discomfort, particularly when it was implemented before participants had experimental experience in trying to control discomfort. Two postcontrol conditions confirmed this result. Implications for prevention and treatment of psychological suffering are discussed.
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Kelly G. Wilson, Miguel Rodríguez-Valverde, Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Francisco Cabello, Sonsoles Valdivia-Salas, Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Olga Gutiérrez-Martínez, Francisco Molina, Carmen Luciano

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