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Yvonne Barnes-Holmes
Dermot Barnes-Holmes
Andy Cochrane



experimental psychological twenty one female fear contact hand psychology

The perceived-threat behavioral approach test (PT-BAT): Measuring avoidance in high-, mid-, and low-spider-fearful participants (2008)

Abstract One hundred twenty female participants, with varying levels of spider fear were asked to complete an automated 8-step perceived-threat behavioral approach test (PT-BAT). The steps involved asking the participants if they were willing to put their hand into a number of opaque jars with an incrementally increas - ing risk of contact with a spider (none of the jars actually contained a spider). There was a negative correlation between the number of steps completed and self-reported spider fear as measured with the Fear of Spiders Questionnaire (FSQ). Additionally, the task discriminated between high, mid, and low fear on 2 behavioral measures: (a) the number of steps completed and (b) reported will - ingness to return and repeat the task. The automated procedure provides a psychological challenge with a high level of experimental control.
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Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Dermot Barnes-Holmes, Andy Cochrane

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