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atomic force microscope au substrate wet etching electrochemistry sam coverage nanolithographic materials science laser cooled cs beam alkanethiol monolayer

Sub-100 nm Feature Definition Optimization using Cold Cs Beam Exposed Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au (2004)

Abstract The results of a study into the dependency of SAM coverage, subsequent post-etch pattern definition and minimum feature size on the quality of the Au substrate used in both physical mask and optical mask atomic nanolithographic experiments are presented in this paper. In comparison, sputtered Au substrates yield much smoother surfaces and a higher density of {111} oriented grains than evaporated Au surfaces. Phase imaging with an atomic force microscope shows that the quality and percentage coverage of uniform alkanethiol monolayer adsorption was much greater for sputtered Au surfaces. Exposure of the monolayer with a laser-cooled Cs beam allowed determination of the minimum Cs dose (2 monolayers) to expose the SAM with lateral force microscopy. Suitable wet-etching, with etch rates of 2.2 nm min-1, results in optimized pattern definition. Utilizing these optimizations, features as small as 50 nm were achieved using both a sub-100 nm physical mask and optical standing wave mask.
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