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Simon B. Newcomb
David Sutton
M. Serantoni
T. Melly
Colm O'Dwyer
D. Noel Buckley



cyclic voltammogram cv atomic force microscopy afm coulometry ellipsometric measurement x ray photoelectron spectroscopy xps anodic film materials science n inp electrochemistry

A study of anodic films on n-InP by spectroscopic ellipsometry and atomic force microscopy (2003)

Abstract The growth of anodic films on n-InP in 1 mol dm-1 KOH is investigated under potential sweep conditions. At lower potentials a thin surface film is formed and a peak is observed on the current-voltage curve. Ellipsometricmeasurements show that this film increases in thickness with increasing potential but the observed thickness values are significantly less than the corresponding coulometrically estimated values. This indicates that much of the charge passed is not involved in the formation of a surface film butpresumably in the formation of soluble anodic reaction products. Cyclic voltammograms show that a current peak is also observed on the reverse sweep and ellipsometric measurements show that the anodic film thicknessalso increases during the reverse sweep until the peak potential is reached. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) shows that the surface becomes smoother as the potential is increased. We attribute this to the formation of nuclei atlower potentials, which coalesce as the layer becomes thicker. Electron diffraction and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) analysis show that the surface film is predominantly In2O3 with no evidence of InPO4.
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Simon B. Newcomb, David Sutton, M. Serantoni, T. Melly, Colm O'Dwyer, D. Noel Buckley

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