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The Constantinian origin of Justina (Themistius, Or.3.43b) (2004)

Abstract Themistius says that Constantius saved Rome by defeating Magnentius and his ‘bastard and spurious successors’ who are recognizable as his future children. This description is in contrast to the ‘legitimate and unsullied blood line’ represented by Constantius. This concedes that Magnentius’ children would have been related by blood to Constantius. Since Magnentius was of ‘barbarian’ origin, this could only have happened through his wife at the time of his death, Justina, who has long been recognized as probably of Constantinian descent. Themistius’ passage constitutes the only ancient statement of Justina’s membership of the Constantinian dynasty, and confirms now what had been deduced from circumstantial evidence alone previously.
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