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Charles Foster
Ivan J Perry
Daniel Francis
Philip Baker
Grace O'Malley


Physiotherapy & Sport

health status incentive physical fitness behavioural economics physical activity adverse effects health education gender and education

Incentive-based interventions for increasing physical activity and fitness (2012)

Abstract This is the protocol for a review and there is no abstract. The objectives are as follows:The main aim of the review is to determine the effectiveness of using incentive-based approaches (IBAs) (financial and non-financial) to increase physical activity in community-dwelling children and adults.A secondary objective will be to address the use of incentives to improve cardiovascular and metabolic fitness.A final objective will be to explore:whether there are any adverse effects associated with the use of IBAs for increasing physical activity;whether there are any differential effects of IBAs within and between study populations by age, gender, education, inequalities and health status; andwhether the use of disincentive/aversive approaches leads to a reduction in sedentary behaviour.
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Charles Foster, Ivan J Perry, Daniel Francis, Philip Baker, Grace O'Malley

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