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Claus Pahl
John Murphy
Lucian Patcas
Ronan Barrett


Computer Science

web service compositions dynamic model model driven architecture world wide web web design model driven design design pattern software engineering

Model driven distribution pattern design for dynamic web service compositions (2006)

Abstract Web service compositions are often used to realise servicebased enterprise applications. These enterprise systems are built from many existing discrete applications, often legacy applications exposed using Web service interfaces. Acceptance of these systems is often constrained by non-functional aspects, such as Quality of Service (QoS). A number of factors aect the QoS of an enterprise system, including availability, scalability and performance. There are a number of architectural congurations or distribution patterns, which express how a composed system is to be deployed. These distribution patterns have a direct impact upon the QoS of the composition. However, the amount of code required to realise these distribution patterns is considerable. Additionally, there is an increased deployment time associated with setting up dierent distribution patterns. We therefore propose a novel approach which combines a Model Driven Architecture using UML 2.0 for modeling and subsequently generating Web service compositions, with a method for achieving dynamic decentralised interaction amongst services with reduced deployment overheads. These approaches combined provide for the generation of dynamic Web service compositions driven by a distribution pattern model.
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Claus Pahl, John Murphy, Lucian Patcas, Ronan Barrett

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