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Niall Moran
Claus Pahl
Frank Fowley
Huanhuan Xiong


Computer Science

cost analysis software engineering cloud computing performance analysis windows azure platform session state manage ment scalability platform as a service paas

Scalable architectures for platform-as-a-service clouds: performance and cost analysis (2014)

Abstract Scalability is a significant feature of cloud computing, which ad-dresses to increase or decrease the capacities of allocated virtual resources at application, platform, database and infrastructure level on demand. We investigate scalable architecture solutions for cloud PaaS that allow services to utilize the resources dynamically and effectively without directly affecting users. We have implemented scalable architectures with different session state management solutions, deploying an online shopping cart application in a PaaS solution, and measuring the performance and cost under three server-side session state providers: Caching, SQL database and NoSQL database. A commercial solution with its supporting state management components has been used. Particularly when re-architecting software for the cloud, the trade-off between performance, scalability and cost implications needs to be discussed.
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Niall Moran, Claus Pahl, Frank Fowley, Huanhuan Xiong

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