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Hyowon Lee
Alan F. Smeaton
Colum Foley


Computer Science

collaborative information retrieval information seeking search engines groupware information retrieval environment information needs relevance feedback

Synchronous collaborative information retrieval with relevance feedback (2006)

Abstract Collaboration has been identified as an important aspect in information seeking. People meet to discuss and share ideas and through this interaction an information need is quite often identified. However the process of resolving this information need, through interacting with a search engine and performing a search task, is still an individual activity. We propose an environment which allows users to collaborate to satisfy a shared information need. We discuss ways to divide the search task amongst collaborators and propose the use of relevance feedback, a common information retrieval process, to enable the transfer of knowledge across collaborators during a search session. We describe the process by which co-searchers can collaborate effectively with little redundancy and how we can combine relevance judgements from multiple searchers into a coherent model for synchronous collaborative information retrieval
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Hyowon Lee, Alan F. Smeaton, Colum Foley

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