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Gareth J. F. Jones
Eamonn Newman
Martha Larson


Computer Science

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Classification of dual language audio-visual content: Introduction to the VideoCLEF 2008 pilot benchmark evaluation task (2008)

Abstract VideoCLEF is a new track for the CLEF 2008 campaign. This track aims to develop and evaluate tasks in analyzing multilingual video content. A pilot of a Vid2RSS task involving assigning thematic class labels to video kicks off the VideoCLEF track in 2008. Task participants deliver classification results in the form of a series of feeds, one for each thematic class. The data for the task are dual language television documentaries. Dutch is the dominant language and English-language content (mostly interviews) is embedded. Participants are provided with speech recognition transcripts of the data in both Dutch and English, and also with metadata generated by archivists. In addition to the classification task, participants can choose to participate in a translation task (translating the feed into a language of their choice) and a keyframe selection task (choosing a semantically appropriate keyframe for depiction of the videos in the feed).
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