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Richard J O'Kennedy
Daniel A McPartlin


Medicine & Nursing

prostate cancer diagnostics traditional cardiovascular diseases pathology point of care approaches this review

Point-of-care diagnostics, a major opportunity for change in traditional diagnostic approaches: potential and limitations. (2014)

Abstract 'Point-of-care' (POC) diagnostics are a powerful emerging healthcare approach. They can rapidly provide statistically significant results, are simple to use, do not require specialized equipment and are cost-effective. For these reasons, they have the potential to play a major role in revolutionizing the diagnosis, initiation and monitoring of treatment of major global diseases. This review focuses on antibody-based POC devices that target four major global diseases: cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer, HIV infection and tuberculosis. The key statistics and pathology of each disease is described in detail, followed by an in-depth discussion on emerging POC devices that target each disease, highlighting their potential and limitations.
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Richard J O'Kennedy, Daniel A McPartlin

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