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Martin Danaher
Richard O'Kennedy
Philippe Delahaut
John O'Mahony
Mary Moloney
Steven R H Crooks
Terence L Fodey
Lesa Clarke



humans food contamination sheep meat eggs drug therapy cattle swine coccidiosis animals coccidiostats

A review of coccidiostats and the analysis of their residues in meat and other food. (2013)

Abstract Coccidiostats are used in the control of protozoan infections in different food producing animals. They are most widely used as feed additives in intensively reared species such as pigs and poultry to maintain animal health and in some cases enhance feed conversion. However, a number of these drugs are used in the control of infections in beef and lamb production. Coccidiostat residues have been frequently reported in meat and eggs in a number of countries since the late 1990s. This has prompted increased research and surveillance of coccidiostat residues in food. This paper reviews the various coccidiostat agents used in animal production, including their chemical properties, mode of action and activity. Legislation concerning coccidiostats, limits for residues in food, monitoring and occurrence of residues in food is discussed. Methods for residue determination in food, including screening and physicochemical methods are discussed in depth. The paper concludes with a synopsis of the current state of coccidiostat residue analysis and future perspectives.
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Martin Danaher, Richard O'Kennedy, Philippe Delahaut, John O'Mahony, Mary Moloney, Steven R H Crooks, Terence L Fodey, Lesa Clarke

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