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Richard J O'Kennedy
James C Whisstock
Paul J Conroy
Hannah Byrne



antibodies monoclonal point of care systems biotechnology single chain antibodies recombinant proteins therapeutic use antibodies bispecific technology pharmaceutical genetics isolation purification diagnostic use protein engineering

A tale of two specificities: bispecific antibodies for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. (2013)

Abstract Artificial manipulation of antibody genes has facilitated the production of several unique recombinant antibody formats, which have highly important therapeutic and biotechnological applications. Although bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) are not new, they are coming to the forefront as our knowledge of the potential efficacy of antibody-based therapeutics expands. The next generation of bsAbs is developing due to significant improvements in recombinant antibody technologies. This review focuses on recent advances with a particular focus on improvements in format and design that are contributing to the resurgence of bsAbs, and in particular, on innovative structures applicable to next generation point-of-care (POC) devices with applicability to low resource environments.
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Richard J O'Kennedy, James C Whisstock, Paul J Conroy, Hannah Byrne

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