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Richard O'Kennedy
Stephen Hearty
Om Prakash Edupuganti
Soujanya Ratna Edupuganti



immunoassay zea mays european union antibody affinity antibody specificity recombinant proteins aflatoxin b1 chemistry immunoglobulin fab fragments reproducibility of results antibodies immobilized hydrogen ion concentration antibodies biosynthesis solvents sensitivity and specificity

A highly stable, sensitive, regenerable and rapid immunoassay for detecting aflatoxin B1 in corn incorporating covalent AFB1 immobilization and a recombinant Fab antibody. (2012)

Abstract A highly robust immunoassay applicable for the detection of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) using a Fab antibody fragment was developed. A key factor was the use of covalently immobilized AFB1 which allowed an almost three fold increase in sensitivity, reduced assay time and regeneration with retention of binding capacity. Various factors that might affect the sensitivity of the assay such as pH, organic solvents, storage stability and wash stringency were critically evaluated. It was also demonstrated that the assay was applicable for determination of AFB1 in corn samples at concentration within the European union regulatory limits.
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Richard O'Kennedy, Stephen Hearty, Om Prakash Edupuganti, Soujanya Ratna Edupuganti

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