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Colette McDonagh
Richard O'Kennedy
Conor Byrne
Shibsekhar Roy
Chandra K Dixit



antibodies nanoparticles animals blood platelets platelet membrane glycoprotein iib cattle chemistry metabolism humans combinatorial chemistry techniques

A chemical quenching- and physical blocking-based method to minimize process-mediated aggregation of antibody-crosslinked nanoparticles for imaging application. (2013)

Abstract Critical limitation of nanoparticles (NP) is their aggregation after functionalisation and antibody cross-linking. We analysed the cause of this aggregation with respect to functionalities (carboxyls and amines) on the NP surface. We have devised a low cost novel method to reduce such aggregations during protein cross-linking and validated it by probing the platelet surface with platelet surface-specific anti-CD41 antibody conjugated NPs.
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Colette McDonagh, Richard O'Kennedy, Conor Byrne, Shibsekhar Roy, Chandra K Dixit

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