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Jens Ducree
Patrick Abgrall
Victor Akujobi
Gregor Kijanka
Patrick Reith
Robert Burger



particle size microfluidic analytical techniques polystyrenes immunoglobulin g instrumentation humans centrifugation immunology dimethylpolysiloxanes chemistry antibodies immunoassay baysilon

Array-based capture, distribution, counting and multiplexed assaying of beads on a centrifugal microfluidic platform. (2012)

Abstract We present a novel centrifugal microfluidic platform for the highly efficient manipulation and analysis of particles for applications in bead-based assays. The platform uses an array of geometrical V-cup barriers to trap particles using stopped-flow sedimentation under highly reproducible hydrodynamic conditions. The impact parameters governing the occupancy distribution and capture efficiency of the arrayed traps are investigated. The unique, nearly 100% capture efficiency paired with the capability to establish sharply peaked, single occupancy distributions enables a novel, digital readout mode for color-multiplexed, particle-based assays with low-complexity instrumentation. The presented technology marks an essential step towards a versatile platform for the integration of bead- and cell-based biological assays.
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Jens Ducree, Patrick Abgrall, Victor Akujobi, Gregor Kijanka, Patrick Reith, Robert Burger

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