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Richard O'Kennedy
Brian D Maccraith
Sandeep Kumar Vashist
Chandra Kumar Dixit



silanes gamma aminopropyltriethoxysilane surface properties sensitivity and specificity enzyme linked immunosorbent assay chemistry potassium compounds antibodies immobilized oxidation reduction potassium hydroxide hydroxides biosensing techniques

Multisubstrate-compatible ELISA procedures for rapid and high-sensitivity immunoassays. (2011)

Abstract This protocol describes an improved and optimized approach to develop rapid and high-sensitivity ELISAs by covalently immobilizing antibody on chemically modified polymeric surfaces. The method involves initial surface activation with KOH and an O(2) plasma, and then amine functionalization with 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane. The second step requires covalent antibody immobilization on the aminated surface, followed by ELISA. The ELISA procedure developed is 16-fold more sensitive than established methods. This protocol could be used generally as a quantitative analytical approach to perform high-sensitivity and rapid assays in clinical situations, and would provide a faster approach to screen phage-displayed libraries in antibody development facilities. The antibody immobilization procedure is of ∼3 h duration and facilitates rapid ELISAs. This method can be used to perform assays on a wide range of commercially relevant solid support matrices (including those that are chemically inert) with various biosensor formats.
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Richard O'Kennedy, Brian D Maccraith, Sandeep Kumar Vashist, Chandra Kumar Dixit

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