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Martin Clynes
Paul Kelly
Noelia Sanchez
Niall Barron



gene expression regulation cho cells micrornas cricetulus recombinant proteins animals genetics metabolism biosynthesis cell culture techniques phenotype cricetinae genetic engineering gene targeting

MicroRNAs: tiny targets for engineering CHO cell phenotypes? (2010)

Abstract The ability of microRNAs to influence gene expression is now recognized as a fundamental layer of regulation within the cell. MicroRNAs have a major impact on most biological processes and have generated considerable interest as potential biomarkers as well as therapeutic or engineering targets. In this review we provide a brief overview of their biogenesis, genomic organization and mode of action, followed by a description of the methods and approaches to studying their expression. We go on to consider some of the approaches to utilizing them as tools and their potential application in the bioprocessing area, with particular emphasis on Chinese hamster ovary cell engineering.
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Martin Clynes, Paul Kelly, Noelia Sanchez, Niall Barron

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