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D F Brougham
R O'Connor
A Eustace
D M Collins
G Ivanova
M Gottschalk



diagnostic use humans choline metabolism lung neoplasms cell extracts cell line tumor protons chemistry magnetic resonance spectroscopy lipid metabolism

Metabolomic studies of human lung carcinoma cell lines using in vitro (1)H NMR of whole cells and cellular extracts. (2008)

Abstract We report principal component analysis (PCA) of (1)H NMR spectra recorded for a group of human lung carcinoma cell lines in culture and (1)H NMR analysis of extracts from the same samples. The samples studied were cells of lung tumour origin with different chemotherapy drug resistance patterns. For whole cells, it was found that the statistically significant causes of spectral variation were an increase in the choline and a decrease in the methylene mobile lipid (1)H resonance intensities, which correlate with our knowledge of the level of resistance displayed by the different cells. Similarly, in the (1)H NMR spectra of the aqueous and lipophilic extracts, significant quantitative differences in the metabolite distributions were apparent, which are consistent with the PCA results.
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D F Brougham, R O'Connor, A Eustace, D M Collins, G Ivanova, M Gottschalk

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