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Spatial restructuring and commuting efficiency in Dublin (2004)

Abstract Within cities, transportation systems are a vital socio-economic component of society, providing a link between the spatial separations of various land uses in the built environment. As land uses evolve, the geography of travel changes. Very often this has a major impact on howefficiently individuals circulate within the city region, particularly at peak periods. Not surprisingly, transportation issues have become increasingly important in recent years, especiallyin terms of the environmental, economic and social sustainability of urban regions. The objectiveof this paper is to explore the impact of the changing location of offices and housingon commuting behaviour and commuting efficiency in the Dublin area. In addition, the relationshipbetween duration of home ownership and commuting efficiency is examined. Three office locations were chosen for comparative analysis: the City Centre (a core location);Santry (an intermediate location); and Citywest (a suburban location).
Collections Ireland -> University College Dublin -> Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy Research Collection
Ireland -> Trinity College Dublin -> Journal of Irish Urban Studies, Volume 3, Issue 2, 2004
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Ireland -> Trinity College Dublin -> Journal of Irish Urban Studies, Complete Archive 2002-
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