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J Keenan
M Clynes
L Murphy



matrix assisted laser biosynthesis gene expression regulation neoplastic electrophoresis gel two dimensional drug resistance neoplasm pharmacology cell line tumor acridines antagonists inhibitors tetrahydroisoquinolines spectrometry lung neoplasms mass neoplasm proteins humans p glycoprotein abcg2 protein human elacridar mitoxantrone carcinoma squamous cell genetics antineoplastic agents metabolism atp binding cassette transporters drug therapy proteomics

Proteomic analysis to dissect mitoxantrone resistance-associated proteins in a squamous lung carcinoma. (2007)

Abstract Mitoxantrone resistance has been related to the expression of a drug efflux pump breast cancer resistance pump (BCRP) but little is known of the intracellular protein changes. In this work, differential protein expression in a squamous lung carcinoma cell line, DLKP, and its mitoxantrone-resistant variant (DLKP-Mitox) was investigated to elucidate other changes associated with mitoxantrone resistance. Differential protein expression between DLKP and DLKP-Mitox was investigated using 2D-DIGE technology. Proteins of interest were identified by MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry. Western blotting was used to confirm and validate some of these changes. Biological variation analysis in Decyder software revealed a total of 343 proteins to be differentially regulated with p < 0.05. Identification of 61 proteins of interest by mass spectrometry revealed changes in proteins involved in many cellular processes including apoptosis and differentiation. Alterations in these cellular processes and proteins present alternative sites to circumvent resistance to mitoxantrone.
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J Keenan, M Clynes, L Murphy

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