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Richard O'Kennedy
Stephen Hearty
Andrew Baxter
Gary Keating
Stephen Daly
Brian Fitzpatrick
Lynsey Dunne
Aoife Lacy



aflatoxin b1 antagonists inhibitors reproducibility of results immunoglobulin g chemistry techniques analytical instrumentation 7 hydroxycoumarin pharmacology coumarin umbelliferones chemistry models chemical surface plasmon resonance animals warfarin coumarins biosensing techniques

Rapid analysis of coumarins using surface plasmon resonance. (2006)

Abstract Coumarin molecules are ubiquitous in nature. Several have come to prominence as potential clinical therapeutic candidates. The principal example is warfarin, which is a very widely prescribed anticoagulant. Other coumarin derivatives, such as aflatoxin B1, are insidious contaminants in crop-derived foodstuffs. Extreme potency is a common feature of all biochemically active coumarins and, thus reliable methods for their rapid and sensitive detection are of paramount importance. Accordingly, this review examines the current methods used in the analysis of these molecules and compares them with immunoassay-based strategies. As a case study, we report on our experiences with using coumarin-specific polyclonal, monoclonal, and recombinant antibodies in conjunction with a surface plasmon resonance-based biosensor for analysis of coumarins. We chart the assay development process and demonstrate high sensitivity and reproducibility that compares favorably with established methodologies.
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Richard O'Kennedy, Stephen Hearty, Andrew Baxter, Gary Keating, Stephen Daly, Brian Fitzpatrick, Lynsey Dunne, Aoife Lacy

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