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Martin Clynes
Kevin J Scanlon
Mary Heenan
Toni O'Doherty
Carmel Daly
Deirdre Cronin



caspases genetics cell line tumor transfection enzymology casp3 protein human rna messenger enzyme precursors rna catalytic biosynthesis nucleic acid conformation lung neoplasms gene expression regulation enzymologic caspase 3 humans metabolism gene expression regulation neoplastic reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction down regulation blotting western

Construction and transfection of a ribozyme targeting human caspase-3. (2004)

Abstract Caspase-3 is a key executioner cysteine protease involved in programmed cell death or apoptosis. A ribozyme to human caspase-3 was designed, tested by in vitro cleavage, and transfected into a drug-resistant variant (DLKP-A5F) of a human lung carcinoma cell line (DLKP). By both stable and transient transfection, this ribozyme was shown to be effective at down-regulating human caspase-3 mRNA and protein levels.
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Martin Clynes, Kevin J Scanlon, Mary Heenan, Toni O'Doherty, Carmel Daly, Deirdre Cronin

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