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Martin Clynes
Irene Oglesby
Helena Joyce
Yiz Heng Liang
Rasha Linehan
Lorraine O'Driscoll



humans pharmacology metabolism galectin 3 nasal cavity physiology antineoplastic agents lung neoplasms neoplasm invasiveness reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction drug resistance neoplasm genetics cell adhesion pathology transfection biosynthesis cell division blotting western drug resistance multiple carcinoma squamous cell tumor cells cultured nose neoplasms cell movement

Galectin-3 expression alters adhesion, motility and invasion in a lung cell line (DLKP), in vitro. (2003)

Abstract Galectin-3, a beta-galactosidase-binding protein, is involved in regulating many physiological and pathological cellular processes. The significance of galectin-3 in human lung and nasal carcinoma cells has not yet been elucidated. Using RT-PCR and Western blotting techniques, the constitutive level of galectin-3 in the human non-small cell lung carcinoma cell line, DLKP, was investigated. Following galectin-3 cDNA transfection into these cells, growth, toxicity, adhesion, motility and invasion assays were used to investigate the relevance of galectin-3 over-expression. Galectin-3 over-expression did not induce a multi-drug resistance phenotype or significantly affect cell growth rate, but it did result in enhanced (i) adhesion to extracellular matrix components; (ii) cell motility; and (iii) in vitro invasiveness. Furthermore, studies of RPMI-2650 variants suggest that galectin-3 expression correlates with nasal carcinoma cell invasiveness. Our results suggest that galectin-3 expression levels in both lung and nasal tumour cells may play a role in cell motility, invasion, and metastasis.
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Martin Clynes, Irene Oglesby, Helena Joyce, Yiz Heng Liang, Rasha Linehan, Lorraine O'Driscoll

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