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R O'Kennedy
J F O'Sullivan
R O'Connor



pharmacokinetics chromatography high pressure liquid blood sensitivity and specificity organ specificity rats clofazimine leprostatic agents phenazines chemistry statistics numerical data animals adipose tissue

Determination of serum and tissue levels of phenazines including clofazimine. (1996)

Abstract A rapid and sensitive HPLC method is described for the analysis of synthetic phenazines, including clofazimine, from a variety of biological samples. Phenazines were extracted from serum, tissue and fat using a mixture of dichloromethane and sodium hydroxide. The drugs were then quantified on a reversed-phase C18 column using a mobile phase consisting of 594 ml of water, 400 ml of tetrahydrofuran, 6 ml of concentrated acetic acid and 0.471 g of hexanesulfonic acid. In this mobile phase, each phenazine tested had its own retention time. This allowed one phenazine to be used as an internal standard for the analysis of other phenazines. The method was validated for clofazimine [3-(4-chloroanilino)-10-(4-chlorophenyl)-2,10-dihydro-2-(isopro pylimino) phenazine] and B4090 [7-chloro-3-(4-chloranilino)-10-(4-chlorophenyl)-2, 10-dihydro-2-(2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperid-4-ylimino)phenazine ] (VI) and shown to be accurate and precise across a broad concentration range from 0.01 to 50 micrograms/g (microgram/ml). Extraction was 100% for each agent across this range. This system was used to measure clofazimine and VI levels following their administration to rats. The pharmacokinetic profile of VI was different to that of clofazimine, with high tissue concentrations but lower fat levels.
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R O'Kennedy, J F O'Sullivan, R O'Connor

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