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M Clynes
M Moriarty
P O'Neill
E Dolan
M Maher
A Redmond
K Kavanagh
M Heenan



animals cisplatin tumor cells cultured lung neoplasms selection genetic vincristine cricetulus dose response relationship radiation cell division neoplasms ovarian neoplasms drug effects cricetinae humans laryngeal neoplasms female carcinoma squamous cell antineoplastic agents phytogenic doxorubicin radiation effects clone cells carcinoma radiation tolerance hela cells uterine cervical neoplasms pathology drug resistance neoplasm antibiotics antineoplastic pharmacology dose response relationship drug etoposide drug resistance multiple

Absence of correlation between chemo- and radioresistance in a range of human tumour cell lines. (1996)

Abstract The correlation between cellular resistance to radiation and to chemotherapeutic drugs has been investigated in a number of solid tumour cell lines, and preliminary results indicate no direct relationship. The acquisition of a multidrug resistance (MDR) profile by adriamycin-selected variants of a human squamous lung carcinoma, an ovarian carcinoma, a cervical carcinoma and by a colchicine-selected variant of a Chinese hamster ovarian carcinoma resulted in alterations to their radiosensitivity. However, the degree of change in the radiosensitivity of the MDR cell lines could not be predicted from their level of resistance to adriamycin. Clonal populations derived from DLKP-A, an adriamycin-selected MDR variant of the human lung carcinoma cell line DLKP, exhibited individual radiosensitivity profiles, which did not correlate with their chemoresistance. Exposure of DLKP to consecutive increasing doses of radiation did not confer cross-resistance to chemotherapeutic drugs.
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M Clynes, M Moriarty, P O'Neill, E Dolan, M Maher, A Redmond, K Kavanagh, M Heenan

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