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U Gilvarry
E Moran
A Redmond
M Clynes



molecular sequence data genetics tumor cells cultured carcinoma non small cell lung oligonucleotides antisense doxorubicin biosynthesis antineoplastic agents chromosome banding male lung neoplasms metaphase genetic variation base sequence drug resistance middle aged fluorescent antibody technique humans glycoproteins blotting western pharmacology culture techniques

Multiple drug-resistance in variant of a human non-small cell lung carcinoma cell line, DLKP-A. (1992)

Abstract A 300-fold adriamycin resistant variant (DLKP-A) of the human lung squamous cell carcinoma line DLKP was established by stepwise selection in increasing concentrations of adriamycin. Different levels of cross-resistance were observed towards VP-16, VM-26, colchicine, vincristine and, somewhat unexpectedly, cis-platin. Resistance was stable for at least 3 months in culture in the absence of drug. P-glycoprotein overexpression was detected by immunofluorescence and Western Blotting, and a direct causal role for P-glycoprotein overexpression in the resistant phenotype was established by transfection with an mdr1 specific antisense oligonucleotide. A modified cryopreservation procedure was necessary for the resistant variant line. The resistant population displays clonal heterogeneity with respect to resistance level. A higher frequency of double minute chromosomes was observed in DLKP-A when compared with the parental cell line.
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U Gilvarry, E Moran, A Redmond, M Clynes

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