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M Butler
J Fennelly
A O'Brien
R D Thornes
K Carroll
H Smyth
E Moran
G Berns
R O'Kennedy



glycopeptides animals tumor cells cultured mice lung neoplasms sialic acids pristane urinary bladder neoplasms brucellosis neoplasms drug effects humans breast neoplasms toxicity ascites pronase sarcoma experimental gastrointestinal neoplasms blood tumor markers biological n acetylneuraminic acid bipolar disorder terpenes pharmacology leukemia lymphocytic chronic b cell urine

A critical analysis of the use of sialic acid determination in the diagnosis of malignancy. (1991)

Abstract The measurement of serum sialic acid in sera from individuals with leukemia, breast, gastrointestinal, lung and bladder cancers, brucellosis and manic depression is described. The serum sialic acid levels were also examined in mice bearing Landschutz ascites tumours. The presence of sialic acid-enriched glycopeptides in serum was shown. The results indicate that while sialic acid may be significantly elevated in sera of some tumour-bearing individuals, it is not solely tumour-derived. Its application as a tumour marker is limited and requires critical analysis.
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M Butler, J Fennelly, A O'Brien, R D Thornes, K Carroll, H Smyth, E Moran, G Berns, R O'Kennedy

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