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P Keating
R O'Kennedy



antibodies animals immunoassay mice immunoglobulin g succinimides iodine indicators and reagents bolton hunter reagent

Use and detection of nonradioactive iodine-labeled antibodies for immunoassay. (1991)

Abstract Traditionally radioactively labeled iodine has been used as a reporter group for the detection of antibodies in immunoassay. We have recently developed a microassay system for the detection of very low concentrations of iodide which eliminates the need for the use of radiolabeled iodine (O'Kennedy, R. et al. 1989, Anal. Biochem. 179, 138-144). The successful application of this assay for the detection of mouse IgG is described. The performance of this system compared with enzyme immunoassay was evaluated.
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P Keating, R O'Kennedy

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