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W van der Putten
K Carroll
R O'Kennedy
D Cox
E Prosser



drug evaluation preclinical pharmacology neoplasms drug effects dose response relationship drug female photochemotherapy drug therapy hematoporphyrins acridine orange animals structure activity relationship tumor cells cultured coumarins cell division mice cell survival antineoplastic agents neoplasm transplantation

Effects of coumarins, haematoporphyrins and acridine orange on the viability and growth of Landsh├╝tz ascites tumour cells, in the presence and absence of photoradiation. (1990)

Abstract The effects of haematoporphyrin (Hp), haematoporphyrin derivative (HpD), coumarin, 7-hydroxycoumarin, 4-hydroxycoumarin, amino-methyl-coumarin acetic acid and acridine orange, with and without photoradiation, on Landschutz ascites tumour (LAT) cells were examined. Hp, HpD and acridine orange showed a significant effect on LAT cell viability following photoradiation. However, coumarin or its derivatives had no significant effect on LAT cell viability, with or without photoradiation, over 18 h. Coumarin alone had a significant effect on viability of LAT cells, in vitro, over a period of 9 days. This effect was verified by transplantability studies. Coumarin and 7-hydroxycoumarin both exhibited cytostatic effects on LAT cell growth.
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W van der Putten, K Carroll, R O'Kennedy, D Cox, E Prosser

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