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R O'Kennedy
E Prosser
K Carroll



biosynthesis antigens culture media acetylmuramyl alanyl isoglutamine palatine tonsil lymphocytes pharmacology humans interleukin 2 antibodies monoclonal time factors t lymphocytes immunization immunology administration dosage

Parameters involved in the in vitro immunization of tonsilar lymphocytes: effects of rIL-2 and muramyl dipeptide. (1990)

Abstract A method for the in vitro immunization of human tonsilar lymphocytes is described. This method allows for the sensitization of B-cells against various antigens under serum-free medium conditions. The medium is supplemented with defined concentrations of antigen, rIL-2 and muramyl dipeptide to boost the immune responses. This method may prove useful for the generation of antigen reactive B-cells for use in human monoclonal antibody production and the study of the effects of other lymphokines on the in vitro immune response.
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R O'Kennedy, E Prosser, K Carroll

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