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V Wade
R O'Moore
T Groth
J Grimson
W Grimson


Computer Science

knowledge based systems novel application clinical laboratory information systems novel the artificial intelligence distributed computing systems integration computer communication networks

The OpenLabs approach to clinical laboratory computing. (1995)

Abstract This paper describes the architectural infrastructure to support a number of advanced functionalties for the clinical laboratory developed by OpenLabs. This infrastructure is based on an open distributed computing platform. A brief overview is given of the advanced functionalities provided by the OpenLabs modules through the novel application of knowledge-based systems, databases, and telematics; we also describe the communications architecture which allows these modules to interoperate with each other and with existing Laboratory Information Systems and instruments. The OpenLabs approach to the provision of generic interfaces to such existing systems is described, together with the OpenLabs Service Manager which supports the automated management of the laboratory in this distributed computing environment.
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V Wade, R O'Moore, T Groth, J Grimson, W Grimson

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Vincent Patrick Wade
Trinity College Dublin
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