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P J Kenny
P Keogh
S J O'Flanagan
J P Cashman
M Nugent
B J O'Neill



total hip arthroplasty ireland public service national irish international total knee arthroplasty community

The Irish National Joint Registry: where are we now? (2013)

Abstract BACKGROUND: Ireland is currently in the process of establishing a National Joint Registry. AIM: We aim to determine which implants and surgical techniques are currently being used by Irish orthopaedic surgeons and to examine the impact that a National Joint Registry may have on arthroplasty practice in Ireland. METHODS: The study consisted of a postal questionnaire sent to all public service consultant orthopaedic surgeons in The Republic of Ireland. RESULTS: We had a response rate of 76.6 %. Of this 76.6, 86.4 % regularly perform total hip arthroplasty (THA) and 84.7 % perform total knee arthroplasty. Of those who perform THA, 86.3 % use different implants in younger patients. Thirteen different femoral implants are used, and seven different knee implants. We conservatively estimate that at least 3,918 total hip arthroplasties and 2,604 total knee arthroplasties are performed in Ireland each year. At present we have no way to precisely monitor the number of arthroplasty procedures being performed, and we have no way of accurately monitoring the short- or long-term outcomes of the many implants used. CONCLUSIONS: The establishment of a National Joint Registry for Ireland would benefit the Irish orthopaedic community, and given the large number of procedures being performed, may also be of benefit to the international orthopaedic community.
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P J Kenny, P Keogh, S J O'Flanagan, J P Cashman, M Nugent, B J O'Neill

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