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Peter Keogh
Shea O'Flanagan
Paddy Kenny
May Cleary
Ed Ryan
Gavin McHugh


Medicine & Nursing

chronic general patella resident elderly emergency department articular anaesthesia

Intra-articular dislocation of the patella. (2013)

Abstract We present an unusual case of a chronic, irreducible intra-articular dislocation of the patella in an elderly nursing home resident. The patient had been unable to weight bear for 3 weeks. Radiographs in the emergency department (ED) confirmed the intra-articular dislocation with the superior pole lodged in the intercondylar notch. She underwent two failed closed reduction attempts and subsequently required an open reduction under general anaesthesia.
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Peter Keogh, Shea O'Flanagan, Paddy Kenny, May Cleary, Ed Ryan, Gavin McHugh

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