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P J Kenny
P Keogh
S J O'Flanagan
A-M Byrne
S O'heireamhoin
B J O'Neill



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Research in higher surgical training: which rotation? (2011)

Abstract Orthopaedic higher surgical trainees in Ireland are allocated to one of eight training rotations. Each trainee is expected to publish at least one research paper per year during training. To assess the research productivity of each training rotation over a 10-year period. A PubMed search was performed for each orthopaedic unit affiliated to higher surgical training (HST) in order to identify full-text research papers published between 2001 and 2010. The results were analysed to determine which training rotations are most productive in terms of research. We identified 267 papers published from 16 units over the 10-year period. There were substantial differences in the number of papers published from each unit, and substantial differences between the eight set trainee rotations. It is essential that each trainee makes an honest assessment of their potential for conducting and producing valuable and relevant research, and chooses an HST rotation that is appropriate to their needs. Publication of research articles is easier to achieve on some HST rotations than on others.
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P J Kenny, P Keogh, S J O'Flanagan, A-M Byrne, S O'heireamhoin, B J O'Neill

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