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Billy Bourke
Noel G McElvaney
Leslie Daly
Dubhfeasa Slattery
Peter Greally
Jennifer Drummond
Anne Marie Broderick
Gerard Canny
Risteárd Ó Laoide
Charles G Gallagher
and 2 others


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risk factors liver disease pulmonary function logistic regression all cause cystic fibrosis follow up odds ratio

Outcome in patients with cystic fibrosis liver disease. (2013)

Abstract Liver disease is an important complication in CF. To determine if CFLD is a risk factor for mortality in CF, and which baseline characteristics predict all-cause mortality. Irish children with CFLD, and their age and gender matched controls were enrolled at baseline and reviewed after 10years to determine which characteristics predict mortality. 72/84 (85.71%) participants were followed, (mean age Cases 21.71yrs SD 6.5, CF controls 23.62 SD 5.6, 22 (61%) males), with no difference in duration of follow-up. Nineteen participants (26.4%) died, 38.9% (14/36) with CFLD and 13.89% (5/36) CF controls (Odds Ratio (OR) 3.94 95% CI:1.23-12.56 p=0.005). In logistic regression, liver disease (OR 4.28 95% CI 1.07-17.16) female gender (OR 12.25 95% CI 2.37-63.24), reduced pulmonary function, (OR 5.11 95% CI 1.09-23.81) were each independent risk factors for mortality in CF. Liver disease is an independent risk factor for mortality in CF.
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Billy Bourke, Noel G McElvaney, Leslie Daly, Dubhfeasa Slattery, Peter Greally, Jennifer Drummond, Anne Marie Broderick, Gerard Canny, Risteárd Ó Laoide, Charles G Gallagher and 2 others

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