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Pelvic recurrence in stage I seminoma: a new phenomenon that questions modern protocols for radiotherapy and follow-up. (2005)

Abstract To highlight the increased risk for pelvic relapse in patients with stage 1 seminoma treated with adjuvant radiotherapy limited to para-aortic template alone. Over a four-year period, three patients presented with early pelvic recurrence after radical orchidectomy and adjuvant irradiation for stage 1 seminoma. In each case, radiotherapy had been limited to the para-aortic region with omission of the ipsilateral hemi pelvis. Pelvic recurrences occurred on the ipsilateral tumor side. Durable complete remission was achieved in each case; however, treatment was complex and there was associated morbidity. This significant incidence of pelvic recurrence questions the validity of modern radiotherapy protocol which excludes the ipsilateral pelvis from the radiation field.
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John A Thornhill, Ian Fraser, John Crown, John Kennedy, Richard E Power

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