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Leonie S Young
Arnold D Hill
Jianming Xu
Peadar O'Gaora
Marie McIlroy
Damian McCartan
Aoife Cahalin
Li Qin
Ailis Fagan
Yuan Hao
and 4 others



antigens cd24 mortality physiology prostate apoptosis response 4 protein cd24 protein human gene expression regulation neoplastic gene silencing kaplan meier estimate breast neoplasms binding sites animals mcf 7 cells homeodomain proteins mice promoter regions genetic hoxc11 protein human kdm4c protein human disease free survival metabolism jumonji domain containing histone demethylases humans down regulation nuclear receptor coactivator 1 mice knockout female apoptosis regulatory proteins genetics carcinogenesis

Global gene repression by the steroid receptor coactivator SRC-1 promotes oncogenesis. (2014)

Abstract Transcriptional control is the major determinant of cell fate. The steroid receptor coactivator (SRC)-1 enhances the activity of the estrogen receptor in breast cancer cells, where it confers cell survival benefits. Here, we report that a global analysis of SRC-1 target genes suggested that SRC-1 also mediates transcriptional repression in breast cancer cells. Combined SRC-1 and HOXC11 ChIPseq analysis identified the differentiation marker, CD24, and the apoptotic protein, PAWR, as direct SRC-1/HOXC11 suppression targets. Reduced expression of both CD24 and PAWR was associated with disease progression in patients with breast cancer, and their expression was suppressed in metastatic tissues. Investigations in endocrine-resistant breast cancer cell lines and SRC-1(-/-)/PyMT mice confirmed a role for SRC-1 and HOXC11 in downregulation of CD24 and PAWR. Through bioinformatic analysis and liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry, we identified AP1 proteins and Jumonji domain containing 2C (JMD2C/KDM4C), respectively, as members of the SRC-1 interactome responsible for transcriptional repression. Our findings deepen the understanding of how SRC-1 controls transcription in breast cancers.
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Leonie S Young, Arnold D Hill, Jianming Xu, Peadar O'Gaora, Marie McIlroy, Damian McCartan, Aoife Cahalin, Li Qin, Ailis Fagan, Yuan Hao and 4 others

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