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Ronan A Cahill
Deborah A McNamara
Joseph Deasy
Arnold Hill
Rishabh Sehgal



modern complications daily living colorectal literature patients colorectal surgery department

Fast-track for the modern colorectal department. (2012)

Abstract In recent years, fast-track or enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) colorectal pathways have been utilized to achieve faster recovery and discharge from hospital with swift resumption of normal activities of daily living without an increase in complications or readmissions. Despite the large body of evidence available, however, adoption of the fast-track methodology in current surgical practice has been slow and sporadic. As outlined by a recent Cochrane review, practice uptake has mostly focused on individual component uptake. Therefore, instead of repeating what already has been established in the literature pertaining to colorectal fast-track surgery, the aim of this article is to interrogate the evidence concerning the individual components of ERAS pathways as they relate to a contemporary surgical department to determine the most relevant critical components for patients undergoing colorectal surgery in modern surgical practice.
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Ronan A Cahill, Deborah A McNamara, Joseph Deasy, Arnold Hill, Rishabh Sehgal

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