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S-A Cryan
J Keane
S Shoyele
S O'Leary
P J Gallagher
P Dillon
B Rice
M P O'Sullivan
C Lawlor



cell line therapeutic use drug carriers tuberculosis pulmonary humans microscopy electron scanning drug design microspheres lactic acid administration dosage antitubercular agents polylactic acid polyglycolic acid copolymer aerosols drug therapy polyglycolic acid

Therapeutic aerosol bioengineering of targeted, inhalable microparticle formulations to treat Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTb). (2011)

Abstract Therapeutic aerosol bioengineering (TAB) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTb) therapies using inhalable microparticles offers a unique opportunity to target drugs to the site of infection in the alveolar macrophages, thereby increasing dosing in the lungs and limiting systemic exposure to often toxic drugs. Previous work by us used sophisticated, high content analysis to design the optimal poly(lactide-co-glycolic) acid (PLGA) microparticle for delivery of drugs to alveolar macrophages. Herein, we applied this technology to three different anti-MTb drugs. These formulations were then tested for encapsulation efficiency, drug-release, in vitro killing against MTb and aerosol performance. Methods for encapsulating each of the drugs in the PLGA microparticles were successfully developed and found to be capable of controlling the release of the drug for up to 4 days. The efficacy of each of the encapsulated anti-MTb drugs was maintained and in some cases enhanced post-encapsulation. A method of processing these drug-loaded microparticles for inhalation using standard dry powder inhaler devices was successfully developed that enabled a very high respirable dose of the drug to be delivered from a simple dry powder inhaler device. Overall, TAB offers unique opportunities to more effectively treat MTb with many potential clinical and economic benefits resulting.
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S-A Cryan, J Keane, S Shoyele, S O'Leary, P J Gallagher, P Dillon, B Rice, M P O'Sullivan, C Lawlor

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