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Oscar Traynor
Eamon Kavanagh
Arnold D K Hill
Hazem Hseino
Faisal M Shaikh



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Mobile surgical skills education unit: a new concept in surgical training. (2011)

Abstract Basic surgical skills are an integral part of surgical training. Simulation-based surgical training offers an opportunity both to trainees and trainers to learn and teach surgical skills outside the operating room in a nonpatient, nonstressed environment. However, widespread adoption of simulation technology especially in medical education is prohibited by its inherent higher cost, limited space, and interruptions to clinical duties. Mobile skills laboratory has been proposed as a means to address some of these limitations. A new program is designed by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), in an approach to teach its postgraduate basic surgical trainees the necessary surgical skills, by making the use of mobile innovative simulation technology in their own hospital settings. In this article, authors describe the program and students response to the mobile surgical skills being delivered in the region of their training hospitals and by their own regional consultant trainers.
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Oscar Traynor, Eamon Kavanagh, Arnold D K Hill, Hazem Hseino, Faisal M Shaikh

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