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Patrick G Buckley
Sudipto Das
Isabella M Bray
Niamh H Foley
Raymond L Stallings



dna methylation animals micrornas neuroblastoma pathology drug effects genetics antineoplastic agents humans cell differentiation tretinoin pharmacology

MicroRNA and DNA methylation alterations mediating retinoic acid induced neuroblastoma cell differentiation. (2011)

Abstract Many neuroblastoma cell lines can be induced to differentiate into a mature neuronal cell type with retinoic acid and other compounds, providing an important model system for elucidating signalling pathways involved in this highly complex process. Recently, it has become apparent that miRNAs, which act as regulators of gene expression at a post-transcriptional level, are differentially expressed in differentiating cells and play important roles governing many aspects of this process. This includes the down-regulation of DNA methyltransferases that cause the de-methylation and transcriptional activation of numerous protein coding gene sequences. The purpose of this article is to review involvement of miRNAs and DNA methylation alterations in the process of neuroblastoma cell differentiation. A thorough understanding of miRNA and genetic pathways regulating neuroblastoma cell differentiation potentially could lead to targeted therapies for this disease.
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Patrick G Buckley, Sudipto Das, Isabella M Bray, Niamh H Foley, Raymond L Stallings

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