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Sally-Ann Cryan
Noel G McElvaney
Clifford Taggart
Anthony J Hickey
Ciara Kelly
Danielle Padilla-Carlin
Aileen Gibbons



electric impedance physiology drug compounding administration dosage secretory leukocyte peptidase inhibitor drug stability animals asthma cell line respiratory mucosa anti asthmatic agents administration inhalation guinea pigs humans liposomes drug therapy therapeutic use genetics metabolism disease models animal pharmacokinetics cell membrane permeability male enzyme linked immunosorbent assay drug delivery systems biological transport

The effect of liposome encapsulation on the pharmacokinetics of recombinant secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor (rSLPI) therapy after local delivery to a guinea pig asthma model. (2010)

Abstract Inhaled recombinant Secretory Leukocyte Protease Inhibitor (rSLPI) has shown potential for treatment of inflammatory lung conditions. Rapid inactivation of rSLPI by cathepsin L (Cat L) and rapid clearance from the lungs have limited clinical efficacy. Encapsulation of rSLPI within 1,2-Dioleoyl-sn-Glycero-3-[Phospho-L-Serine]:Cholesterol liposomes (DOPS-rSLPI) protects rSLPI against Cat L inactivation in vitro. We aimed to determine the effect of liposomes on rSLPI pharmacokinetics and activity in vitro and after local delivery to the airways in vivo. Transport of DOPS-rSLPI and free-rSLPI across a polarised air-liquid epithelial monolayer was measured. An asthma guinea pig model was administered either DOPS-rSLPI liposomes or free-rSLPI by intratracheal instillation. Apparent permeability (P(app)) of free-rSLPI was significantly higher at 4.9 x 10⁻⁶ cm/s than for DOPS-rSLPI, P(app) of 2.05 x 10⁻⁷ cm/s, confirmed by in vivo studies. Plasma rSLPI concentrations were highest in free-rSLPI-treated animals compared with those treated with DOPS-rSLPI; there also appeared to be a trend for higher intracellular rSLPI content in animals dosed with DOPS-rSLPI compared to free-rSLPI. Eosinophil influx was recorded as a measure of inflammation. Pre-dosing with either free-rSLPI or DOPS-rSLPI prevented inflammatory response to antigen challenge to levels comparable to control animals. Encapsulation of rSLPI in DOPS:Chol liposomes improves stability, reduces clearance and increases residence time in the lungs after local delivery.
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Sally-Ann Cryan, Noel G McElvaney, Clifford Taggart, Anthony J Hickey, Ciara Kelly, Danielle Padilla-Carlin, Aileen Gibbons

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