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S-A Cryan
J Keane
P J Gallagher
M P O'Sullivan
S O'Leary
C Kelly
C Lawlor



mycobacterium tuberculosis phagocytosis tuberculosis pulmonary immunology drug effects antitubercular agents humans drug therapy pharmacology drug delivery systems macrophages alveolar

Cellular targeting and trafficking of drug delivery systems for the prevention and treatment of MTb. (2010)

Abstract Targeted delivery of anti-tubercular therapeutics to alveolar macrophages via inhalation aims to achieve optimal concentration of the therapeutic in the mycobacteria's niche environment. However, several challenges need to be overcome when designing a system to achieve this targeted, intracellular delivery. The first objective is to design a system that is suitable for inhalation, i.e. it must be capable of deposition in the alveolar region of the lungs. The theme of this commentary will be on the biological barriers for intracellular targeting to alveolar macrophages once particles are deposited in the lungs with emphasis on the delivery of anti-tubercular therapy and implications for novel vaccine formulations. The commentary focuses on four key features: 1) How Mycobacterium tuberculosis enters and is trafficked through macrophages, 2) the mechanism by which current drug delivery systems (DDS) enter and are trafficked through cells and 3) How an ideal DDS for anti-tubercular therapy would be trafficked through the macrophage and 4) the potential for using DDS for novel anti-tubercular therapy and vaccine development. These four features of targeted DDS shall be discussed in relation to some new findings from our own research.
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S-A Cryan, J Keane, P J Gallagher, M P O'Sullivan, S O'Leary, C Kelly, C Lawlor

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