N G McElvaney
C Gunaratnam
M G Flynn
C Kernekamp
P Branagan
T Hassan
T B Low
S H Chotirmall



male psychology young adult asperger syndrome complications patient compliance humans diagnosis adult cystic fibrosis drug therapy common variable immunodeficiency

Cystic fibrosis, common variable immunodeficiency and Aspergers syndrome: an immunological and behavioural challenge. (2009)

Abstract Cystic fibrosis (CF) is of particular importance in Ireland as the Irish population has both the highest incidence (2.98/10,000) and the highest carrier rate (1 in 19) in the world. Primary immunodeficiency has not been previously reported as co-existing with CF. We report a unique case of CF associated with a primary immunodeficiency syndrome--common variable immunodeficiency (CVID). Our patient has CF, CVID and the additional comorbidity of Aspergers syndrome. The challenges inherent in diagnosing and treating such a case are outlined herein and the successful management of this case is evidenced by the well-preserved lung function of our patient.
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N G McElvaney, C Gunaratnam, M G Flynn, C Kernekamp, P Branagan, T Hassan, T B Low, S H Chotirmall

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