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D J Bouchier-Hayes
T N Walsh
M Moriarty
C Condron
W B Robb


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adverse effects thorax time factors pulmonary fibrosis bronchoalveolar lavage fluid pharmacology taurine radiotherapy transforming growth factor beta1 animals disease models animal female therapeutic use drug effects hydroxyproline radiation effects drug therapy analysis of variance blood etiology chemically induced mice

Taurine attenuates radiation-induced lung fibrosis in C57/Bl6 fibrosis prone mice. (2009)

Abstract The amino acid taurine has an established role in attenuating lung fibrosis secondary to bleomycin-induced injury. This study evaluates taurine's effect on TGF-beta1 expression and the development of lung fibrosis after single-dose thoracic radiotherapy. Four groups of C57/Bl6 mice received 14 Gy thoracic radiation. Mice were treated with taurine or saline supplementation by gavage. After 10 days and 14 weeks of treatment, TGF-beta1 levels were measured in serum and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF). Lung collagen content was determined using hydroxyproline analysis. Ten days post radiotherapy, serum TGF-beta1 levels were significantly lower after gavage with taurine rather than saline (P = 0.033). BALF TGF-beta1 at 10 days was also significantly lower in mice treated with taurine (P = 0.031). Hydroxyproline content was also significantly lower at 14 weeks in mice treated with taurine (P = 0.020). This study presents novel findings of taurine's role in protecting from TGF-beta1-associated development of lung fibrosis after thoracic radiation.
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D J Bouchier-Hayes, T N Walsh, M Moriarty, C Condron, W B Robb

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