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Caroline A Jefferies
Kiva Brennan



protein binding metabolism humans proteomics toll like receptors peptides isolation purification cell line tumor

Proteomic analysis of protein complexes in Toll-like receptor biology. (2009)

Abstract Purification of protein complexes and identification of the constituent components therein have been made relatively simple by the recent advances in proteomics. Uniting good biochemical and protein chemistry techniques with protein identification by mass spectrometry (MS) has resulted in advances in this field that are unprecedented. Our knowledge of Toll-like receptor (TLR) biology has been considerably advanced through the use of such techniques, with key intermediates such as TRAF3, TANK, RIP1 all being identified using proteomic strategies. Applying these techniques to key questions in TLR -biology will undoubtedly serve to further advance the field.
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Caroline A Jefferies, Kiva Brennan

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